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Myths of slot machine games

Players always want to believe that there are magical ways that can somehow influence the outcome of the game. However, we must disappoint you, because almost any of these ways is a myth. All results are completely random.

There are sites on the Internet that provide a great deal of misinformation about slot machines. As a rule, it is published by people who do not understand the topic or know about the slot machines only by hearsay. Playing on the slots can be not only fun, but also quite a reasonable pastime. It is a mistake to think that you can beat a slot machine thanks to simple recipes and well-known myths. Rather, you will get a big disappointment. To begin with, it is necessary to understand how slots work in reality.

The most popular myths about offline slot machines

Here is a list of the most common myths about offline slots on the Internet, as well as facts that confirm that this is misinformation in its purest form:

  • Warm coins in the tray indicate that they have been in the machine for a long time, which means it is “ripe” for a large payout. Coins or tokens are almost never used nowadays. But even if they were, it cannot be true. In fact, the machine only heats up due to the operation of electronics and mechanics. So its temperature speaks only about its operating time, which in turn has no effect on the random number generator that underlies the machine;
  • if you sit down at a machine that has just been left by a user who has played it for a long time but never won, you’ll immediately snatch a big prize. Or vice versa: if the same slot gave out prizes several times in a row, it is not worth playing it further. This is not the case. At the heart of each machine is the MSG, which is not based on previous draws. So all previous wins and losses will not affect the further results;
  • Casino staff have information about which slots are ready to give out a big winnings. In licensed land-based casinos, this is impossible because all slot machines have random number generators.

Popular myths about online slots

Myths about online slots can also be found on the Internet. Here is a list of the most popular of them and refutations to them:

  • Winning is more realistic at certain hours of the day than at others. Of course, this is not true. Online casinos do not have the ability to reprogram payout percentages in games so quickly and easily, so the time of day and day of the week have no effect on the outcome of the game;
  • It’s better to play in real casinos. Online slots is a scam. Another common misconception. Winning can be in the online slot machines, as evidenced by the real statistics. Moreover, the speed of the game in them is much higher, and this increases the likelihood of winning at a distance;
  • Playing with a club card reduces the chances of winning. In fact, such a card is not capable of affecting an individual machine. It gives the player the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of an online casino;
  • Slots offered on the main page of the online casino are losing, so you can not bet on them. On the contrary, the leading positions are usually occupied by the models that most often allow you to receive rewards;
  • To play online is more profitable than offline. At the heart of any machine, both online and offline, is the same principle of generating winnings.


Both land-based and online slot machines are capable of rewarding good winnings and providing a fun pastime. If you believe common myths about slot machines – you can quickly become disillusioned with the game. It is worth remembering the basic truth: the results of the game can not influence either the player or an employee of the casino. Each machine runs on the basis of a random number generator, and only it determines the timing of issuance and the amount of your winnings. So do not trust unverified information, it is better to study it and make your own conclusions.

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