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How to win at roulette? 10 strategies and tips

Have you always been attracted to the game of roulette and decided to give it a try the next time you visit the casino? 

Discover here 10 strategies to maximize your chances of winning at roulette!

Wondering how to win at roulette? Here are the best strategies!

A reminder of what roulette is

Roulette is a game of chance that has existed since the 17th century. It offers many betting possibilities to the players. They can bet either on one or more numbers, or on the height or parity of a number they hope to draw, or on a color. The drawing is carried out using a ball generally white, thrown on the wheel which is a circulating container equipped with notches numbered and of various colors.

The game is played in real casinos, but also in online casinos. It is a rather random game, because each throw is independent. This means that the ball can stop on the same number or color several times. To win at online roulette or at the casino, it is therefore important to:

  • have a well thought-out strategy 
  • master the rules of the game as well as the rules and advantages of the casino house. 

To increase your chances of winning at roulette, you will need to pay attention to statistics and use them to your advantage. In addition, you will need to learn to calculate the risks and know when to stop in order to keep a maximum of your winnings. Like any game of chance, you will need to play smart and keep your cool. To play roulette with confidence, you will need to start by betting small amounts until you have mastered the techniques of winning at roulette. These roulette tips, depending on how you apply them, will help you increase your winnings.

Martingale: the most popular roulette strategy

This is the most well known roulette technique. Its principle is simple, with each loss the player doubles his bet. In this way, when he wins he can get back everything he lost rather than a small profit that allows him to get back his initial bet.

This is one of the riskiest strategies. It requires the player to be really rich and never to miss when doubling his bets. Therefore, it is wise to use this strategy with caution.

Labouchère’s strategy

This betting system has a rather complex principle. The gambler must set an amount to reach, and then divide it into a series of small amounts. The goal will be reached by accumulating these small amounts. The player must then add up the numbers on the far left and right of the sequence for the first bet.

  • If the bet is successful, the player crosses out the numbers and continues with the next numbers. 
  • If he loses, the bet amount is added to the far right of the sequence. This is a strategy that allows you to win at roulette quite easily.

The Reverse Labouchère method

The Reverse Labouchère technique is a system that allows you to win at roulette without incurring large losses. It works differently from the plouchère technique. Unlike the latter, when the player wins, the amount of the winnings is added to the far right of the sequence. This system is ideal because you suffer only small losses and can recover them all at once.

Andrucci’s strategy

Andrucci’s technique is somehow based on chaos theory. The latter suggests that over an infinite amount of time, the numbers of the roulette wheel will appear the same number of times. Thus, this technique depends on the player’s ability to recognize the numbers and to bet at the right time. Some people believe that numbers can appear 8 times in 35 spins. It is a system that relies heavily on luck, so it is quite risky to use.

Alembert’s strategy

This strategy is based on the theory of progression, but is less dangerous than martingale. The player bets the same amount indefinitely as long as he wins. If he loses, he bets an additional coin and will continue to do so until his next win. It is a relatively safe way to win at online roulette just like in a casino. It is suitable for smaller players since you won’t win too much, but you won’t lose too much either.

D’Alembert’s counter technique

It is the opposite of Alembert’s technique and is based on a positive progressive system. However, it is very low risk. Simply, the player bets a little more when he wins and a little less when he loses. This way, he is sure not to lose his money. It’s a very mathematical strategy. It still requires the player to win on a few spins to make up for losses and make a profit.

The Fibonacci mathematical system

This is another mathematical strategy that is appreciated by experienced players. This roulette trick is easy to learn. It is repetitive, you just need to know how the sequence works to start winning money at roulette.

For example, the principle of the technique says that each number is the sum of the two previous digits. Therefore, it is important to remember that according to this strategy,

  • if you bet in units of 10 euros or $10, the sequence will be 10, 10, 20, 30 euros or dollars and so on. 

Like any strategy, it is risky and does not guarantee zero loss. However, it is less risky than other strategies.

The Paroli betting system

The Paroli betting system is easy to master. It is one of the most popular in roulette establishments. The player has to double his bet for every bet he wins. And he will have to keep doing it until he gets three consecutive wins. It is interesting to use it because it allows players to look for 3 wins in a row. This allows them to pick up big if he bets bravely at the beginning of the game. In this sense, it is quite risky to put this technique into practice.

The roulette strategy of 1 3 2 6

This strategy is inspired by the Paroli system. Quite simple, the player must invest the same amount progressively each time during the game. This is probably one of the least risky strategies that brings the most chance of winning. It does not require betting large amounts. In addition, it can be used in many games.

The simple 3 2 strategy

This strategy allows players to have a good overall profit without making too big a bet. Players cover several possible outcomes with small amounts, which increases their chances of increasing their winnings. However, this system does not really improve the profit margin. In order for this strategy to pay off, it will be necessary to win a considerable number of times. In fact, it can be dangerous for an unlucky gambler.

All in all, you can use the different strategies to win at online roulette or at a casino. These strategies will not necessarily allow you to win, it is important to remember that it is a very risky game. Moreover, don’t forget that games of chance are addictive, play them in moderation.

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