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How to win at roulette? Top 10 best roulette tips

How to win at roulette? This is a question that comes up regularly in the mouths of players. Although roulette is essentially based on chance, it is possible to significantly increase your chances of winning. Here we will give you an online casino roulette guide of the different strategies to win at roulette!

Roulette Tips No. 1

Roulette is considered to be the casino game with the best return rate. This rate would be 97.22%. By choosing to play roulette, you will have more chances to leave with more chances on your side.

Roulette Tips No. 2

Manage your bets. Set yourself a budget to play on and play only that amount at first. You will lose and win depending on the rounds. Once you have reached 1.5 times the starting amount, it is advisable to stop there.

Roulette Tips No. 3

Choose a table with a betting range according to your starting budget. This way, you won’t be forced to bet large amounts or be able to bet a lot if your budget is large.

Roulette Tips No. 4

The case of zero: choose a table with 1 zero. For the roulette variants, you will have 1 chance out of 38 to win at American Roulette. Whereas European roulette gives you 1 chance out of 37 to win.

Roulette Tips No. 5

Manage your budget: plan to bet 5 times the amount you want to win. If you wish to win 20 €, you will have to bet 100 € to hope to leave with 120 €.

Roulette tips No. 6

Self-control: Just because you’ve just won doesn’t mean you have to add up the entire bet you’ve won. Keep your cool and play in a reasoned and reasonable manner.

Roulette Tips No. 7

Take advantage of the bonuses offered by the casinos. These bonuses are non-negligible starting bets on your winnings. Play first the bonuses offered, what you win can only help you for the rest.

Roulette Tips No. 8

Vary your strategies: Strategies don’t guarantee you’ll win every time. Once you get used to the different strategies, think about varying them from round to round.

Roulette Tips No. 9

The techniques used in films are not always the best. Those with a taste for risk can try these techniques, but they will not allow you to win for sure. You may even lose everything in a single bet.

Roulette Tips No. 10

Unless you fall to 0, it is not advisable to leave a table without getting your starting bet back. Try with the budget that you have left, little by little, to return to the starting amount.

Be aware that to win at roulette, you need to know the game well, so

  • Before talking about the roulette strategy, you should know that this game is disconcertingly simple.
  • Learn the rules and tips
  • Winning at roulette will be easier if you are familiar with electronic roulette.

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