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Horse racing: strategies, tips, and types of bets

Today, betting on horse racing can be done without leaving home. Although connoisseurs advise to come to the racetrack at least once and enjoy the atmosphere.

Types of horse racing bets

  • Forecast

If there is a clear favorite in the race, it is better to make exactly this bet. To pick up your winnings, you have to name the horse that will win the race and the horse that will come in second place. You can bet on the exact outcome, or you can just name the two riders who, in your opinion, will take the first two places. In the second case, you will have to place a double bet since you have chosen two outcomes.

  • Triple Forecasting

A triple prediction is best if you are sure of the winner, but don’t know who will finish second. To bet on all the outcomes, you will have to increase the amount sixfold, but in case of success the winnings will be tangible.

  • Betting on a win

Betting on victory is most loved by beginners. The name implies that in order to win, it is necessary to guess the horse that will take first place. If you are not sure if the horse will come first, it is better to take this bet with insurance. The insurance will refund the bet amount if the horse comes second or third.

  • Betting on whether a horse will win or place.

One can bet on whether a horse will come first or be in the top three. This is a great type of bet: the probability of winning is high. However, don’t forget that you have to bet on each outcome, that is, bet not 100 rubles, but 200. In order for the winning on this bet to be weighty, it is better to choose a high coefficient, such as 8.

  • Who is higher

A very convenient type of betting. It is not necessary to guess who will win or hit the prizes. It is enough to choose two opponents and say which of them will show the best result. It makes sense to make a bet, if there is a clear favorite or an outsider. The odds may not be high, but the winnings are practically guaranteed.

Horse racing betting strategies


The essence of the strategy is very simple. You need to take three morning races at different racetracks and identify a favorite in each. Then make three double express bets and one triple bet – the so-called “Trixie”. In this way you insure the risks and guarantee yourself a win even if only two of the three favorites win. Choose odds of at least 2, otherwise the winnings will be negligible.

You want to bet on the Trixie system on horses A, B and C. You will have to make a total of 4 bets:

  • win A + win B,
  • win B + win C,
  • win A + win C,
  • win A + win B + win C.

Let’s assume all bets are 1000 rubles each, and the odds of each horse winning individually is 2. If at least two horses win, you win back your bets. If all three favourites win, you are in the black by 4000 roubles.

To guarantee yourself a win if two horses out of three win, choose odds on favorites higher than 2. In this case, any final odds will be more than 4. And that’s more than you spent on betting.

Simplified Trixie.

If you can’t find three races for a full Trixie, two is enough. A Simplified Trixie is two single bets on the favorites in different races and one double.

The picture would be roughly as follows:

  • win A,
  • win B,

Victory A + Victory B

Make three bets of 1000 rubles on each of the outcomes above. The victory of each rider must be evaluated by odds no lower than 2. Then if both horses win, you will get a payout of 8000 rubles.


Look for races with multiple favorites. If there are two favorites in the race, the bookmaker’s office will offer to bet on each of them with odds of 4 or higher. That’s a good deal. Make single bets on each favorite. The winnings paid out will cover your expenses on the second bet.

Favorites can be more than two. Then the odds on each will be higher. Make more single bets. But make sure that the winnings at the lowest odds cover the costs of the other bets.

Follow the money.

This strategy is suitable for leisurely and observant players. You are required to keep an eye on the underdog odds. If the odds on the outsider begins to drop sharply, it means that someone is betting heavily on him. At the same time the odds on the favorites should remain unchanged. Such signal can tell about the hidden potential of the outsider. It makes sense to bet against the predictions of the bookmaker’s analysts.


Watch broadcasts

For some sports, you can bet blind, relying only on numbers and statistics. To make money on horse racing, it is better to watch the races live. You will see the riders’ riding style, tactics and potential. You might be able to spot promising outsiders that no one believes in yet.

If you have to choose between a trip to the racetrack or an online broadcast, the online broadcast is the better choice. You’ll get a close-up look at the whole race. If you need to, you can put on a replay. You can go to the racetrack for the atmosphere, but you will not see the details there.

Explore the racetrack

A racetrack is like a formula one track for racers. Some they know better, some they like better, some they are trivially lucky on. If you can figure out the favorite racetracks of the favorites, you will greatly improve the quality of your bets.

Do not chase high odds

In horse racing, it is better to stick to proven strategies and bet on favorites. The odds on them are not high but the underdogs almost never win in horse races. To increase the odds it is better to place an express bet on two or three favorites in different races than to bet on an outsider and lose.

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